WeVideo [beta] Changed today

Some huge change has taken place today! The access point highlights Classroom and a Personal dashboard. This new dashboard seems to have taken away the Groups button. This was way easier to access my groups and to add students and teachers to the groups. Even locating a previously assigned group project is complicated.

Has anyone else experienced this change?


Hi Rhonda! WeVideo beta users received an email notification this week of changes to their experience. Here’s the message and explanation:

We wanted to give you a quick heads up on a new change that’s coming to your WeVideo beta experience. When you log into the WeVideo beta starting on November 4, you’ll see an all-new dashboard and navigation!

Simply click on Classroom to go to your WeVideo Classes experience or click Personal to go to the classic WeVideo editor. Once you’re in, you can easily toggle between the two spaces (or even your Admin tools) using the drop-down at the top left of your screen. Students who have access to the beta experience will also see this new dashboard.

As always, we welcome your feedback and questions–please don’t hesitate to reach out at support@wevideo.com.

Thanks, Jason. No one forewarned us.
Finding my groups to review their work is complicated. Can the Group button be restored?

@rhonda.jenkins The product team is aware of this bug and is working to fix it ASAP.

@rhonda.jenkins Our product team deployed a bug fix and you should now see an Admin button to manage your groups.

I’ve created a class in the beta version and created an assignment. Is there a way to attach a template to the assignment? I would like to give them the Student Introduction template to start their project.

Hi Sandy! As someone who has used the beta version extensively, there is not yet a way to attach a template. I do know that the amazing WeVideo team is working on it.


It’s fixed! This is yet another reason I love WeVideo! You are all so responsive to the needs of your users!
Thank you!!